Why ‘not saying the perpetrator’s name’ when they are not a POC is inherently racist

Never in the history of crime have we been encouraged ‘not to glorify’ the perpetrator of a MASSACRE or say their name.

No Muslim ‘terrorist’ or Black ‘thug’ will EVER have the luxury of anonymity.

I am all for not giving a sicko the satisfaction of fame but we do not apply this logic when the perpetrator is someone we want the public to hate/ fear/ mistrust/ view as less than human.

Whiteness will never be demonized based on the actions of an individual and clearly even a group of people from a specific background committing similar crimes at an abnormally high frequency does not warrant the suggestion of some pathological inclination to be violent. 
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assault at spring valley highlights the criminalization of black girls and our tendency to do nothing to help

The fact this child never leaves her seat and is attacked in such a manner is cause enough for concern at the very least and fucking outrage if you’ve been paying attention long enough to realize this is the NORM which is why everyone let it happen and the one student who spoke out was arrested. All this over a phone? And folks are saying she should have ‘just put it away and this all could have been avoided?’ When did not listening to your teachers become a crime punishable by violence and worthy of arrest? Stop rationalizing the violence black girls face and let’s keep our girls safe- especially from those meant to protect them- especially in school. It is an absolute TRAVESTY that we are not even at rest from anti Blackness in the house of God or institutions of education. #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh #BlackLivesMatter #BlackWomenMatter #BlackGirlsMatter #SchoolToPrisonPipeline #DecriminalizeBlack #StopCallingTheCopsOnKids #ThatsNotNormal #ButItsEasyWhenYouDontSeeThemAsChildren #DefendBlackWomen #ALLBlackGirlsMatter

A Day In The Life of the Black Community

Imagine being bullied.


Every period.

By a bully so damn good at bullying most people don’t believe you when you try to tell them you’re being bullied.

Imagine your bully has parents who are friends with the Principal, guidance counselor and superintendent.

Imagine this bully has a gang of bully friends who don’t necessarily bully you too but they laugh when their friend does his bullying.

They call you a cry baby.

They tell you that’s life.

Imagine thinking to yourself, ‘damn. If only I could get someone to believe I was being bullied- maybe it would stop.’

Imagine finally making a friend who bears witness to the bullying. 

You ask them to help you get some assistance and they say ‘just be cool man. Don’t worry about it. Bullies are part of life. It could be way worse.’

Imagine watching that bully pummel a classmate and hearing teachers describe him as ‘troubled’ while he receives in school suspension during which time he continues to terrorize you and your schoolmates.

You think now, surely, your friends will come to your aid.

But they say, ‘relax.’ He got suspended didn’t he? That is punishment enough. Move on with your life. 

Imagine deciding to stand up to that bully and confiding in some classmates who are also effected by his violence daily and being told they would rather not get involved because it ‘wasn’t worth it.’ 

Imagine being told to be the bigger person. (Bigger than the person inflicting harm upon you consciously, knowingly, happily, daily.)

Imagine being told to pray on it.

This is the experience of the Black community each time we choose to wear our pro Black politic on our sleeve instead of a bleeding heart and are met with silencing, shaming and suggestions instead of understanding, humanity and action.

White supremacy and the systems that uphold it are the bully.

White silence & compliance with the status quo is the bully’s gang of friends. 

Corporate media, law enforcement and the government are the Principal, Guidance Counselor & Superintendent.

Non Black people of color are the so called friends who would rather not be involved.

Black people who have resigned themselves to letting the ‘system do its job’ are the so called friends satisfied with a singular arrest, indictment or ‘suspension.’

Everyone in the peanut gallery making suggestions from the outside of the struggle looking in, regardless of race, is guilty of suggesting peace, prayer, humanity, and understanding in the face of a historical monstrosity that continues to destroy lives, families, institutions and the very fabric of our moral fiber in the face of injustice.

I will not apologize for going toe to toe with this bully no matter who finds me ‘abrasive’, ‘angry’ ‘aggressive’ or any other completely incorrect adjective for the situation at hand unless it is led by the word ‘justifiably.’

We live in a world where we are constantly told to be humane, to think of others, to treat our neighbors as we would like to be treated and so on and so forth, but as soon as the topic of discussion becomes race- no one feels the need to practice those basic tenants of humanity, and those who speak out against injustice are put on the chopping block for promoting the very humanity everyone claims to be upholding by silently witnessing atrocity after atrocity and trying to figure out how it’s ‘not about race.’

Humanity requires love for all within the context of integrity, not what makes everyone the most comfortable. And the one human race people keep saying we belong to is comprised of individual struggles that MUST be acknowledged in order for authentic harmony to exist.

I am not here to make you comfortable.

I am here to get FREE.