A message to the masses on demanding self censorship of black social activists 

I find it hilarious that so many people find me ‘divisive.’ I’ll post about black solidarity, black male misogyny, cute white babies doing hilarious stuff, the dangers of criminalizing entire groups, rape culture, grammar nazism, fashion, media portrayals of black women, the newest Marvel movie, some shit from Buzzfeed, the cool bus driver who let me ride for free and my home made lunch all in the same day and some folks seem to sift through it for all the times they read the words #BlackLivesMatter 

Seems to me like some of you have some very personal issues that my clear and concise knowledge of self & history and dedication to a better, more self actualized community of culturally competent citizens of ALL races seems to bring to the surface.

But I’m here to tell you that whatever you’re going through when you read my posts is personal and you really might want to look into that because there has never been a time when I practiced or preached hate.

I fill a specific need in my community and I will not be deterred or have my ‘tone’ policed. I will not be continually asked whether or not I think a ‘different approach’ might be more ‘welcoming’ to people with a ‘genuine interest’ in social justice who get ‘turned off’ by my language. 

I will not practice the self censorship nor engage in the respectability politics that so many Black folks find necessary on a daily basis so they do not ‘come off’ as ‘this’ or ‘that’ type of black person.

If you have a question ask me. If you have commentary, bring it! I am open to dialogue when a genuine interest is clear and a mutual respect exists. But please don’t think that means I will be disrespected or spoken down to based on some preconceived notion you have that my world view is ‘one dimensional.’

History tells no lies and it is my source of information within the context of how people are treated and perceived differently based on the groups they belong to and I am dedicating my life to destroying stigma, empowering youth, families and communities and educating in a wholistic and socially conscious manner. 

That’s my goal folks. That’s why I speak, act and live this way. It’s very important that those of you who say you love me and want social change understand how telling me I should be a different person or suggesting I ‘move on from the past’ that effects the daily lives of millions across the globe is dismissive, trivializing, infuriating and traumatic. 

Read and re-read my posts if you’re going to begin a dialogue with me because more often than not I have provided context and a multi dimensional view of the situation at hand- thus my often lengthy posts. At the same time if you can see this you have Internet access and therefore must commit to doing some of the leg work in terms of getting information and understanding the context surrounding present day issues rooted in past trauma.

I really try to promote dialogue but if you come into the conversation looking to shut it down or prove me ‘wrong’ as opposed to having an honest moment with me and yourself and making it a situation where we can share perspectives (that are not inherently problematic I.e. ‘Being gay just isn’t natural’ ‘Muslims are the ones blowing everything up’ ‘the truth is the most crime happens in black communities’ ‘women could protect themselves from rape by not being out late or dressing provocatively’ etc) then I simply cannot entertain that, or you.
I’m putting this into the universe because I like things to be clear and I find myself being asked the same questions and having the same dialogues about how I identify and ‘come off.’ This is who I am and how I operate. 

I will not apologize for it.


On Non Black POC in black spaces: you gotta chill

I’ve built a stadium full of seats for non black POC who feel the need to comment on extremely and specifically black issues.

We love to scream on wypipo for interjecting with their unwanted, unwarranted opinions but what of the rest of the world?

Surely they don’t get a pass just because they possess a little melanin?

When I heard about the white washing of Ghost in a shell I didn’t suddenly consider myself the authority on how the Asian community should respond to this blatant disregard for a staple in one of their most popular art forms- anime. 

I was not out here tone policing. I was not telling them they had better things to worry about. My black ass was LISTENING. And sharing articles and suggestions BY ACTUAL ASIANS on how this shit is harmful and the fact that there are a million actresses who could have fit the role and Are ACTUALLY Asian. 

I don’t see the trauma in the Muslim community post 9/11 and hit up ACTUAL Muslims to give them MY assessment of the situation and give them tips on how they can live happier lives despite THEIR subjugation.

I’m not private messaging all my Latino homies like, look man. Just tell ya fam to get they papers and this immigrant shit wouldn’t even be an issue. YOU’RE DOING IT TO YOURSELVES.

I know better than that.

So why the fuck would you think it’s ok to come into MY space, on to MY post, about police brutality, or the criminalization of black youth, or the demonization of the black woman with a natural aesthetic and sexualization and shaming of her relaxed haired sister or child rearing in black households, or feminism as it pertains to blackness, or anything else you have never and WILL NEVER experience, and give me a piece of your mind?

You got some expertise I don’t know about?


You passing or some shit?

Cause if you passing my bad.

I’m not on that colorist bullshit.


Like, please be the fuck quiet. 

You have NOTHING to offer me in these contexts.

But if you stay a while, and you TRY real hard, you JUST might learn something.