On Jada, Janet & ‘Worrying about the wrong things’

I sent out an official piece for publication so I won’t post that yet but here’s a more free form blurb related to the Oscars and the latest news regarding boycotting and responses to it.

There is no reason I can’t simultaneously build within the Black community AND hold the systems and institutions that continue to devalue and disenfranchise people of color accountable. 
I’m not ‘worried about the wrong things’ for thinking the Oscars should be more diverse. 

Representation matters. When my brother goes overseas and tiny Japanese women run away from him at night because he’s Black even though they’ve never previously encountered an ACTUAL black person I’m reminded that representation matters.
On the flip side when students from a prestigious and diverse educational institution publicize their experiences with racism and are trivialized and silenced I am reminded why we need our own shit.
So scuse me while I walk, chew gum, listen to music, nod my head, milly Rock, shop for joggers and contemplate world domination simultaneously.
One time for the folks who get that race is worth discussing in every context. I don’t need to not care about the oscars so I can care about police brutality. I don’t need to stop worrying about meek mill making a fool of himself so I can #sayhername and I don’t need to stop watching scandal and empire so I can a free up some time to volunteer at the women’s shelter. I do all that shit easily and care free as fuck so all your judgement is gonna do is cause me to flex in the form of multiple status updates.
Now shut the fuck up while I kill shit in multiple ways, please and thanks.


Let me tell you a funny story 


I just caught my son licking the can of iced tea I gave him. 
Not the tea Yall.
The can.
Now my pumpkin is 8. And brilliant.
So there is really no excuse.
I QUICKLY dropped that F bomb.
‘What the FUCK are you doing?!’
His handsome little face fell.
But as I shifted gears from shocked and annoyed to amused I cracked a smile.
He realized he wasn’t about to get the smack down and cracked one too.
Then I just started rolling.
 Did I really just catch home boy licking a can?
Who the fuck does that?
‘Hari I don’t understand why you did that honestly but it was funny. It was also gross. That can is filthy.’
‘Sorry mom!’ *giggles*
Parenthood is a fucking mystery til the end yo. 
#MomChronicles #ShitWeDontShare #MyBabyStillSmarterThanYoursThough ­čśé

On Non Black POC in black spaces: you gotta chill

I’ve built a stadium full of seats for non black POC who feel the need to comment on extremely and specifically black issues.

We love to scream on wypipo for interjecting with their unwanted, unwarranted opinions but what of the rest of the world?

Surely they don’t get a pass just because they possess a little melanin?

When I heard about the white washing of Ghost in a shell I didn’t suddenly consider myself the authority on how the Asian community should respond to this blatant disregard for a staple in one of their most popular art forms- anime. 

I was not out here tone policing. I was not telling them they had better things to worry about. My black ass was LISTENING. And sharing articles and suggestions BY ACTUAL ASIANS on how this shit is harmful and the fact that there are a million actresses who could have fit the role and Are ACTUALLY Asian. 

I don’t see the trauma in the Muslim community post 9/11 and hit up ACTUAL Muslims to give them MY assessment of the situation and give them tips on how they can live happier lives despite THEIR subjugation.

I’m not private messaging all my Latino homies like, look man. Just tell ya fam to get they papers and this immigrant shit wouldn’t even be an issue. YOU’RE DOING IT TO YOURSELVES.

I know better than that.

So why the fuck would you think it’s ok to come into MY space, on to MY post, about police brutality, or the criminalization of black youth, or the demonization of the black woman with a natural aesthetic and sexualization and shaming of her relaxed haired sister or child rearing in black households, or feminism as it pertains to blackness, or anything else you have never and WILL NEVER experience, and give me a piece of your mind?

You got some expertise I don’t know about?


You passing or some shit?

Cause if you passing my bad.

I’m not on that colorist bullshit.


Like, please be the fuck quiet. 

You have NOTHING to offer me in these contexts.

But if you stay a while, and you TRY real hard, you JUST might learn something.

No Filter Friday: Daniel Holtzclaw

Be warned.
It’s #NoFilterFriday
Let me just say that I am fucking disgusted by the fact that half the news segment I just watched about this cop rapist of black women with records was about his condition at the sentencing. 
You think I give a fuck about his tears? You think all those women he raped, sodomized and stalked weren’t crying? Fuck outta here. 
Give him all 236 suggested years and I don’t wanna see his mama crying on the news talmbout ‘that’s still her baby’ either.
Tamir didn’t get to be a baby. His mama was a heroine addict right? He shouldn’t have even been playing with a fake gun, right? And why was he alone in the park, right?
Mike was fresh outta high school but he was a big brute and a ‘man’ right? And he charged at an armed officer ‘like a demon’ right? 
Not even the boy on the way home with skittles got to retain his humanity or innocence. Instead of playing that footage of Trayvon begging for his life before being shot at point blank range they told you all about his supposed weed smoking and suspensions and how ‘tall’ he was and how he ‘was on the football team’ so you would know for sure this child was actually a hulking man savage who deserved death.
But you sit here for five minutes and tell me how a known serial rapist with a badge was crying and shaking?
Miss me.
And put that nigga UNDER the jail.
One of many reflections of #BlackGirlMagic , tired of being at the bottom of society’s barrel. 
#DanielHoltzclaw #BlackGirlsMatter

#TruthfulTuesdays – on the Gang rape in a Brownsville park

Oh Nah. I feel a #truthfultuesday post coming on.

That moment you comment on a friend’s post about the gang rape in Brownsville and a stranger tells you ‘we don’t even know if it was an assault. Let’s not assume things too quickly.’ I’m definitely not doing this with Yall today. I will readily believe a victim of rape just to combat the mind numbing amount of you who are so quick to write them off. ONE dude tells you a girl is a hoe you’ll believe it but 5,437 people and news outlets will be like ‘HES A RAPIST’ and Yall be like nah. Nope. I’m not convinced. That’s why our 14 year olds are out here raping people in the park. And you know what else? Agreeing to something at gunpoint does not sound very much like ‘consent’ to me. And if that baby DID agree to have sex with those boys I don’t see how they’re any less gross and she isn’t any less in need of some help so wtf. Yall worried about the semantics I’m worried about the broken family that led to this occurrence and the black male misogyny that Created the type of young black men who will take turns with the same chick in a PUBLIC PARK. so don’t sit here and act like she did something wrong. I will flame your stupid ass. Go get your fucking sons man. No disclaimer. I meant exactly what the fuck I said just how I said it.

#theblackcommunity #brownsville #rapeculture #blackwomenmatter #blackgirlsmatter

white baby goes viral for hitting the Quan and I’m just liiiike┬á

Why do White people go viral every time they are recorded doing ‘Black’ shit? If my son and I recorded ourselves singing ANY song by Fetty Wap I’d be all kinds of hoodrats and unfit mothers. Folks that look like me and folks who don’t would have something negative to say about my parenting and what kind of (black) person I am. But Kate Hudson and her son singing Trap Queen is life even though some of yall wouldn’t be caught dead in an elevator with a Fetty Wap lookin/ dressin brotha without clutching your purse/ pearls/ lady parts. Munchkin going viral cause she hit the Quan? Cool. Kids adorable. But do you know how many kids recorded themselves doing that? Millions. I know all kinds of people go viral for all kinds of things but this particular trend of blackness being super entertaining on white bodies while our bodies, culture, psyches, etc are constantly attacked and questioned (ugh I hate rap! Worse genre ever! Who listens to this stuff?) is very annoying to say the least. I bet the same folks who ‘hate rap’ were bumping trap Queen after Taylor swift bought Fetty onstage during her concert. After she shaded a black woman trying to put the world on to some of the hardships of black womanhood in Hollywood. But that’s none of my business. Let me make some breakfast for my babies. #AnalyticalPeopleStruggles #EveryThingIsPolitical #FullOfJoyButIWillCallOutProblematicBehaviorWhenISeeIt