A quick note on the supposed black girl magic fest that was #YeezySeason4

I wasn’t going to comment on the #YeezySeason4 casting call because I know who Kanye is at this point and his affinity for ‘mixed’ and mixed looking women is QUITE apparent. 
But if you really think the presence of black women at his showcase absolves him of his misogyny and the blatant anti Blackness prevalent in that casting, or the numerous instances where he has shown his ass you might want to think again. 
(We all know how the world perceives the term ‘mixed’ whether or not you personally are mixed and proud to be black so stop it.) 
“How do you word the idea that you want all variations of black?” West asked in an interview with Vogue addressing the casting backlash. “How do you word that exactly?” 
Oh I don’t know. How about ‘all ethnicities and complexions welcome?’
It would have been VERY easy to create an inviting model casting that didn’t single out black women as uninvited. 
He tried it.
I am not impressed, moved or convinced Mr. Kardashian gives a flying fuck about black women. 
Whole lotta dark girls in the grass bare foot while the majority of lighter girls walk the runway but that’s nooooone of my business.
And as always, the ‘fashion’ is basic AF.
But y’all will wear anything if Yeezy says it’s hot.
Still praying for him and acknowledging his musical talent. Still hype Teyana is part of the squad cause she’s deserved the publicity shes getting now for a LONG time. 
But don’t act like Yeezy got my back cause he got them brown skinned girls bare foot in the grass facing away from the camera.
#EndRant #Yeezy #YouAintGottaLieCraig #Colorism #AntiBlackness #Fashion 


white baby goes viral for hitting the Quan and I’m just liiiike 

Why do White people go viral every time they are recorded doing ‘Black’ shit? If my son and I recorded ourselves singing ANY song by Fetty Wap I’d be all kinds of hoodrats and unfit mothers. Folks that look like me and folks who don’t would have something negative to say about my parenting and what kind of (black) person I am. But Kate Hudson and her son singing Trap Queen is life even though some of yall wouldn’t be caught dead in an elevator with a Fetty Wap lookin/ dressin brotha without clutching your purse/ pearls/ lady parts. Munchkin going viral cause she hit the Quan? Cool. Kids adorable. But do you know how many kids recorded themselves doing that? Millions. I know all kinds of people go viral for all kinds of things but this particular trend of blackness being super entertaining on white bodies while our bodies, culture, psyches, etc are constantly attacked and questioned (ugh I hate rap! Worse genre ever! Who listens to this stuff?) is very annoying to say the least. I bet the same folks who ‘hate rap’ were bumping trap Queen after Taylor swift bought Fetty onstage during her concert. After she shaded a black woman trying to put the world on to some of the hardships of black womanhood in Hollywood. But that’s none of my business. Let me make some breakfast for my babies. #AnalyticalPeopleStruggles #EveryThingIsPolitical #FullOfJoyButIWillCallOutProblematicBehaviorWhenISeeIt

Oscars Been White & Plan To Stay White

I haven’t posted in a while here and I’m sad about that cause I’ve been going off on my Facebook and I think you would have enjoyed it lol. I promise to be a more consistent blogger this year!

But here are some quick thoughts about these God forsaken Oscars.

Fuck the ‘academy’ man. We know what it is with them. Once in a blue there will be a pleasant and well deserved surprise but we are rarely ever even in the running to ATTEMPT to win the race no matter how worthy we are of being in the competition. Thank God I’m not out here looking for White validation. No shade on our couple of nominees or past winners either. We talented as fuck. I’m just convinced we don’t need anyone’s awards to tell us that. Doesn’t make the theft any less preposterous but I think it’s an important thing to note. And this goes for the Oscars and other award shows in general not just this year before somebody comes out of the woodwork with the ‘there weren’t many black Oscar worthy performances this year’ and gets flamed. Not even gonna start the ‘and when they DO give us awards it’s for…’ Conversation #OscarsSoWhite #oscarsstillsowhite 

#NeverForget Thanksgiving Style


Slay! Slay them you beautiful indigenous man! Sending love to those who light up my life year round on this sham of a holiday because I’m thankful for you DAILY, as it should be. Behaving myself today so I can enjoy the fam but Yall know my thoughts already. #GobbleGobbleDoe #NOT #GenocideIsNotCelebratory #PilgrimsAndNativesDidNotBreakBreadAndLiveInCottonCandyHouses #CelebrateTheIndigenous #IndiansLiveInIndia #TheFirstAmericansWereBrown #JustLikeTheFirstHumans #ISaidIWouldChillThough 😁😁😭😭

The UCC Shooting is a tragedy. So is the slanted reporting that occurs every time this happens.


My heart breaks for these victims just like it breaks for any victim of a senseless violent crime but I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the painfully obvious implications of the way this tragedy and others like it are framed as isolated incidents acted out by children who need help.
If I held my breath waiting for someone to refer to just one of the 45 school shootings this year alone as an act of domestic terrorism or the perpetrators as ‘thugs’ ‘terrorists’ or ‘savages’ I would die waiting.
If I thought perhaps someone somewhere would question whether or not violence is a pathologically white phenomenon based on the frequency with which a certain kind of person commits a certain kind of crime, I would die waiting. I’ve never even heard the phrase ‘white on white crime.’
Why aren’t we drawing attention to the shooter’s ethnicity like we would if they were Black? Where is the angry looking photo? Why are we not widely publicizing the fact that he had victims state their religion before opening fire on them? If the shooter had been Muslim we would be seeing a very different kind of reporting.
But whiteness is always secondary to human story/ tragedy when the perpetrator is indeed white. Blackness however is the reason for any crime 

Committed by a black person and Islam has been the root of all extremist evil since 9/11. 
I hope yall paying attention.
My heart breaks but my eyes will always be open. 

A reminder for the supposedly conscious community about #BlackHair

I can love natural hair all I want, it doesn’t give me the right to judge my sister just for having a different texture. We are still fighting the same battles and part of the reason we are losing is because we refuse to focus on our similarities and instead spend too much time arguing about what makes us different and in our minds, better than one another. Our men, women and children have inherited this psyche and the cost to our families and communities is great. It’s time to start talking to each other and building together in spite of individual preferences. I don’t need to be just like you to value your life, health, safety and happiness. #StayWoke #Sisterhood #RealBlackLove #BlackHairMatters #TeamNatural #NaturalHair #TeamRelaxed #BlackGirlsRock #BlackGirlMagic #BlackPower #BlackUnity #locloveliveshere #loctalk post by @afrocenchick founder of @locloveliveshere @bestoflocsawards @youngpeopleofcolorinc pic found at @theloclife

Why we should value black Community over ‘traditional’ black families 

Maybe its just my world view due to all the misogyny I’ve been experiencing at the hands of black men lately but I look at this and see a story where independent women are the source of the breakdown of the black family. Sorry, not buying it. 
We need to have more support for each and every man woman and child that makes up our community regardless of what separates us and focus on our common ground. Playing the blame game gets us absolutely nowhere. We must be accountable for ourselves and our people. 
Too often the supposedly conscious community finds ways to demonize black women. That is not enlightenment or progress. I love my skin folks even when they don’t agree with or understand me but I’ve seen this floating around and avoided it until now. 
Sidenote: absent fathers are a worldwide and (gasp!) CROSS CULTURAL EPIDEMIC. Somebody told you black fathers not raising their sons are to blame for community violence to distract you from that string of police murders and you took the bait. 
Now I’m not saying community violence is not an issue- I work just as hard to stop that as I do to stop systemic violence inflicted upon my people. I’m also not saying that families – two parent households in particular- aren’t important. 
But as a mother of two who had her first child at 19 and is now engaged to the man helping her raise not one but two beautiful babies, I have to say- shit don’t always work out like a god damn movie on the hallmark channel! 
It’s a lot more important and beneficial, to me, personally, to foster a ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ mentality than keep trying to jam ourselves into this American nuclear family two parents two kids and a dog mold. 
So many couples stay together ‘for the kids’ but look at the cost. Your kids grow up watching two people who are not in love try to tolerate each other and go out into the world of sex and relationships with a BULLSHIT blueprint of what black love can look like. 
Why? Cause you didn’t want to be the black man walking away from his family? Leave that girl and take care of them kids bruh. You didn’t want to be the dreaded independent black woman? Leave that man and make sure he can see them kids shawty. Go get your lives! All it takes to co parent a child is 2 adults who love them. They do not have to be married or even in a relationship. Just my $.02

Why disrespecting ‘ratchets’ is anti Black

This hits home for me in a major way. Having a great dialogue with a brotha on Facebook so I’m going to provide my commentary to him in this caption. He suggested that it’s important to differentiate because ‘we want our sons and daughters to differentiate between women who love themselves and give back to the world and those who don’t respect themselves or life’ 

here’s my response: The thing it’s important to remember Alain Davis is that the terms are applied so loosely that they lack accuracy and ultimately value. The minute you eat McDonald’s or know a fetty wap lyric you become a hood rat to some black men. 

If you didn’t know me as a person and you caught me on a particularly #carefreeblackgirl day I might very well be bumping ‘post to be’ and trying (and failing miserably) to do the nae nae. These small things create these huge and divisive categories and I can’t rock with that. 

In the case of our sisters who are truly not aware of their worth and ancestral greatness, the question we as a people have to ask ourselves is, ‘how does me calling this sister names change her situation?’ And it doesn’t. 

We forget that queens are queens even when they don’t exhibit ‘queen like’ behavior. That royalty shit is in our DNA. Perhaps if more of us respected one another that culture of love would permeate even the farthest gone mind. But we spend so much time throwing shade and trying to be a ‘different kind’ of black folk that the things that should bind us are trumped by these categorizations. 

It serves us to point out hArmful behavior. It doesn’t serve us to divide ourselves from one another or disrespect one another. A lot of nasty things come a black woman’s way once she’s deemed ‘ratchet’ and a ‘hoodrat.’ We don’t even have/use those terms for our men. Something else to think about. 

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Thoughts on POC youth representation on social media

Watching my former students grow up online is such a wild experience. I love and miss you all. I want to throw a large tuxedo jacket over you and cover you up or push those middle fingers down in some of your photos but I still love you lol. 

Doesn’t make me feel like I didn’t do my job in our time together. Just reminds me that growing up is a process that does not take place within the calendar year an educator spends with a group of students. 
It’s what you impart upon them that they will carry for life that counts. It’s also a reminder that no one facet of a persons persona, especially online, tells the whole story. 
Knowing these kids personally, I am not blind to their goodness and humanity when I see photos of them rolling blunts or mean mugging, but someone on the outside looking in will obviously make assumptions. 
In the context of the world we live in, it’s an unfortunate truth that makes our kids extremely vulnerable to ignorance and violence simply because they are finding themselves on a public forum. 
This is so relevant when you consider how kids like Kimani Gray, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were demonized based on certain narratives that were strengthened with the use of very specific images. 
It’s very important that we see the humanity in our youth, regardless of their online antics. 
I’ve conversed with far too many people who have a ‘well why would they do that if they didn’t want people to look at them a certain way?’ Mentality, and that, coming from us, is a detriment to young people of color. 
The world is already full of people looking for a reason to demonize these kids. Do not help them. 

Knuckleheads come in all shapes, sizes & ethnicities. Do not be complicit in the criminalization of our youth simply for being young. We were all young & dumb once.

Happy Birthday Lenny & Lauryn!

Turn up for loc’d legends! The miseducation of Lauryn Hill is STILL one of the best hip hop albums ever made by any man or woman from any era of music and its content is almost painfully relevant. Lenny Kravitz is still giving me life in film, music & with his beautiful family, looking damn good all the while. Before it was cool to be natural they were out there paving the way for conscious thought and individuality. Happy birthday to them both! #HappyBirthdayLauryn  #HappyBirthdayLenny