MLK Musings

If you are not riding for black lives in the current political climate in some way, form or fashion please understand that I’m not trying to see/ hear you post any MLK quotes to ‘honor’ him today. If your life is not an homage to the man, your quote/ picture combo certainly will not be. 
There’s lots of debate about how much good things like integration and non violence did for the black community and constant talk of what ‘could have happened’ had we used different tactics at pivotal points in the movement but some things are certain. 
Martin Luther King Jr. Was much more radical and revolutionary than he is given credit for today. The fact that recycled quips about love driving out hate and peace are used to demonize and trivialize the current movement for black lives only proves that we are dealing with a sanitized version of a great man, only given a holiday because the powers that be had every intention of painting him like the most respectable, pacifist negro possible- and they have succeeded.
No mainstream source will ever post his views on capitalism or his understanding of situations like those that erupted in Ferguson because ‘a riot is the language of the unheard.’ 
We need all different types of leaders, including men like MLK and it’s not just because he wore a suit and didn’t curse.
Revolutionaries come in all flavors and some of you praising bits and pieces of his memory would have never marched alongside him for black equality sooooo…..


Why ‘not saying the perpetrator’s name’ when they are not a POC is inherently racist

Never in the history of crime have we been encouraged ‘not to glorify’ the perpetrator of a MASSACRE or say their name.

No Muslim ‘terrorist’ or Black ‘thug’ will EVER have the luxury of anonymity.

I am all for not giving a sicko the satisfaction of fame but we do not apply this logic when the perpetrator is someone we want the public to hate/ fear/ mistrust/ view as less than human.

Whiteness will never be demonized based on the actions of an individual and clearly even a group of people from a specific background committing similar crimes at an abnormally high frequency does not warrant the suggestion of some pathological inclination to be violent. 
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Thoughts on POC youth representation on social media

Watching my former students grow up online is such a wild experience. I love and miss you all. I want to throw a large tuxedo jacket over you and cover you up or push those middle fingers down in some of your photos but I still love you lol. 

Doesn’t make me feel like I didn’t do my job in our time together. Just reminds me that growing up is a process that does not take place within the calendar year an educator spends with a group of students. 
It’s what you impart upon them that they will carry for life that counts. It’s also a reminder that no one facet of a persons persona, especially online, tells the whole story. 
Knowing these kids personally, I am not blind to their goodness and humanity when I see photos of them rolling blunts or mean mugging, but someone on the outside looking in will obviously make assumptions. 
In the context of the world we live in, it’s an unfortunate truth that makes our kids extremely vulnerable to ignorance and violence simply because they are finding themselves on a public forum. 
This is so relevant when you consider how kids like Kimani Gray, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were demonized based on certain narratives that were strengthened with the use of very specific images. 
It’s very important that we see the humanity in our youth, regardless of their online antics. 
I’ve conversed with far too many people who have a ‘well why would they do that if they didn’t want people to look at them a certain way?’ Mentality, and that, coming from us, is a detriment to young people of color. 
The world is already full of people looking for a reason to demonize these kids. Do not help them. 

Knuckleheads come in all shapes, sizes & ethnicities. Do not be complicit in the criminalization of our youth simply for being young. We were all young & dumb once.