white baby goes viral for hitting the Quan and I’m just liiiike 

Why do White people go viral every time they are recorded doing ‘Black’ shit? If my son and I recorded ourselves singing ANY song by Fetty Wap I’d be all kinds of hoodrats and unfit mothers. Folks that look like me and folks who don’t would have something negative to say about my parenting and what kind of (black) person I am. But Kate Hudson and her son singing Trap Queen is life even though some of yall wouldn’t be caught dead in an elevator with a Fetty Wap lookin/ dressin brotha without clutching your purse/ pearls/ lady parts. Munchkin going viral cause she hit the Quan? Cool. Kids adorable. But do you know how many kids recorded themselves doing that? Millions. I know all kinds of people go viral for all kinds of things but this particular trend of blackness being super entertaining on white bodies while our bodies, culture, psyches, etc are constantly attacked and questioned (ugh I hate rap! Worse genre ever! Who listens to this stuff?) is very annoying to say the least. I bet the same folks who ‘hate rap’ were bumping trap Queen after Taylor swift bought Fetty onstage during her concert. After she shaded a black woman trying to put the world on to some of the hardships of black womanhood in Hollywood. But that’s none of my business. Let me make some breakfast for my babies. #AnalyticalPeopleStruggles #EveryThingIsPolitical #FullOfJoyButIWillCallOutProblematicBehaviorWhenISeeIt


One thought on “white baby goes viral for hitting the Quan and I’m just liiiike 

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