#TruthfulTuesdays – on the Gang rape in a Brownsville park

Oh Nah. I feel a #truthfultuesday post coming on.

That moment you comment on a friend’s post about the gang rape in Brownsville and a stranger tells you ‘we don’t even know if it was an assault. Let’s not assume things too quickly.’ I’m definitely not doing this with Yall today. I will readily believe a victim of rape just to combat the mind numbing amount of you who are so quick to write them off. ONE dude tells you a girl is a hoe you’ll believe it but 5,437 people and news outlets will be like ‘HES A RAPIST’ and Yall be like nah. Nope. I’m not convinced. That’s why our 14 year olds are out here raping people in the park. And you know what else? Agreeing to something at gunpoint does not sound very much like ‘consent’ to me. And if that baby DID agree to have sex with those boys I don’t see how they’re any less gross and she isn’t any less in need of some help so wtf. Yall worried about the semantics I’m worried about the broken family that led to this occurrence and the black male misogyny that Created the type of young black men who will take turns with the same chick in a PUBLIC PARK. so don’t sit here and act like she did something wrong. I will flame your stupid ass. Go get your fucking sons man. No disclaimer. I meant exactly what the fuck I said just how I said it.

#theblackcommunity #brownsville #rapeculture #blackwomenmatter #blackgirlsmatter


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