Preliminary thoughts on #KorrynGaines

You’ll never catch me demonizing an armed woman in her own home with her babies whose been a target of police harassment for months because she threatened the police. The house was surrounded. Her babies were inside. Where was she going? Who was she shooting? You got 3 days for a white man who knows you’ll give him the benefit of the doubt even after he OPENS FIRE ON THE POLICE but not 12 hours to diffuse the situation when a 2 and 5 year old are on the premises and you’re only on the scene to make an arrest because of some traffic violations and resisting arrest- which is probably the most ridiculous crime ever- and will probably befall several of our black asses before we meet our maker? I’m supposed to fault her for being strapped and wishing harm on the agents of the state who she probably watched get away with murder time and time again just like the rest of us? She was supposed to come out hands up and leave her babies with who? The police? I don’t know what happened but I know a lie, unnecessary use of force and a cover up when I see it. This is not a debate. You know exactly what you can do if there’s a problem ✌🏾️ #KorrynGaines #SayHerName #TheyShotHerTwoYearOldDaughterToo #LookHowYoungTheyStartErasingBlackWomensTrauma


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