On Non Black POC in black spaces: you gotta chill

I’ve built a stadium full of seats for non black POC who feel the need to comment on extremely and specifically black issues.

We love to scream on wypipo for interjecting with their unwanted, unwarranted opinions but what of the rest of the world?

Surely they don’t get a pass just because they possess a little melanin?

When I heard about the white washing of Ghost in a shell I didn’t suddenly consider myself the authority on how the Asian community should respond to this blatant disregard for a staple in one of their most popular art forms- anime. 

I was not out here tone policing. I was not telling them they had better things to worry about. My black ass was LISTENING. And sharing articles and suggestions BY ACTUAL ASIANS on how this shit is harmful and the fact that there are a million actresses who could have fit the role and Are ACTUALLY Asian. 

I don’t see the trauma in the Muslim community post 9/11 and hit up ACTUAL Muslims to give them MY assessment of the situation and give them tips on how they can live happier lives despite THEIR subjugation.

I’m not private messaging all my Latino homies like, look man. Just tell ya fam to get they papers and this immigrant shit wouldn’t even be an issue. YOU’RE DOING IT TO YOURSELVES.

I know better than that.

So why the fuck would you think it’s ok to come into MY space, on to MY post, about police brutality, or the criminalization of black youth, or the demonization of the black woman with a natural aesthetic and sexualization and shaming of her relaxed haired sister or child rearing in black households, or feminism as it pertains to blackness, or anything else you have never and WILL NEVER experience, and give me a piece of your mind?

You got some expertise I don’t know about?


You passing or some shit?

Cause if you passing my bad.

I’m not on that colorist bullshit.


Like, please be the fuck quiet. 

You have NOTHING to offer me in these contexts.

But if you stay a while, and you TRY real hard, you JUST might learn something.


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