No Filter Friday: Daniel Holtzclaw

Be warned.
It’s #NoFilterFriday
Let me just say that I am fucking disgusted by the fact that half the news segment I just watched about this cop rapist of black women with records was about his condition at the sentencing. 
You think I give a fuck about his tears? You think all those women he raped, sodomized and stalked weren’t crying? Fuck outta here. 
Give him all 236 suggested years and I don’t wanna see his mama crying on the news talmbout ‘that’s still her baby’ either.
Tamir didn’t get to be a baby. His mama was a heroine addict right? He shouldn’t have even been playing with a fake gun, right? And why was he alone in the park, right?
Mike was fresh outta high school but he was a big brute and a ‘man’ right? And he charged at an armed officer ‘like a demon’ right? 
Not even the boy on the way home with skittles got to retain his humanity or innocence. Instead of playing that footage of Trayvon begging for his life before being shot at point blank range they told you all about his supposed weed smoking and suspensions and how ‘tall’ he was and how he ‘was on the football team’ so you would know for sure this child was actually a hulking man savage who deserved death.
But you sit here for five minutes and tell me how a known serial rapist with a badge was crying and shaking?
Miss me.
And put that nigga UNDER the jail.
One of many reflections of #BlackGirlMagic , tired of being at the bottom of society’s barrel. 
#DanielHoltzclaw #BlackGirlsMatter


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