Oscars Been White & Plan To Stay White

I haven’t posted in a while here and I’m sad about that cause I’ve been going off on my Facebook and I think you would have enjoyed it lol. I promise to be a more consistent blogger this year!

But here are some quick thoughts about these God forsaken Oscars.

Fuck the ‘academy’ man. We know what it is with them. Once in a blue there will be a pleasant and well deserved surprise but we are rarely ever even in the running to ATTEMPT to win the race no matter how worthy we are of being in the competition. Thank God I’m not out here looking for White validation. No shade on our couple of nominees or past winners either. We talented as fuck. I’m just convinced we don’t need anyone’s awards to tell us that. Doesn’t make the theft any less preposterous but I think it’s an important thing to note. And this goes for the Oscars and other award shows in general not just this year before somebody comes out of the woodwork with the ‘there weren’t many black Oscar worthy performances this year’ and gets flamed. Not even gonna start the ‘and when they DO give us awards it’s for…’ Conversation #OscarsSoWhite #oscarsstillsowhite