#NeverForget Thanksgiving Style


Slay! Slay them you beautiful indigenous man! Sending love to those who light up my life year round on this sham of a holiday because I’m thankful for you DAILY, as it should be. Behaving myself today so I can enjoy the fam but Yall know my thoughts already. #GobbleGobbleDoe #NOT #GenocideIsNotCelebratory #PilgrimsAndNativesDidNotBreakBreadAndLiveInCottonCandyHouses #CelebrateTheIndigenous #IndiansLiveInIndia #TheFirstAmericansWereBrown #JustLikeTheFirstHumans #ISaidIWouldChillThough 😁😁😭😭


Everyone hates Muslims because of the actions of a few and I’m just like #HowSway 


Even when my heart breaks, my mind works and the anti Muslim rhetoric I’m seeing is exhausting. ISIS has killed more Muslims than any other demographic but we just gonna lump them all together and wish death upon an entire faith, ban refugees fleeing this exact violence and bomb countries with no remorse? #HowSway #islamophobesBeLike

On the non existent media coverage of Daniel Holtzclaw & our responsibility to Black women

I need everyone talking about former Officer Daniel Holtzclaw. How he raped 13 black women over the course of less than a year. How he forced women to expose themselves to him. How he’s FINALLY standing trial. How he was only arrested after raping a middle class woman. How the news is all but completely ignoring the story. How the jury responsible for bringing these women justice is not only all white but mostly male. I need answers. But no one is even asking any questions. In the era of #BlackLivesMatter we have to do better by our women. #BlackWomenMatter #DanielHoltzclaw #PoliceMisconduct #JuryOfMyPeers?

Hotep Bingo: Funny but not really-Afrocentrism as elitism 

Some of yall gon’ be mad but ….
Loving yourself and your people is no excuse for becoming just as ignorant and brainwashed as those who oppress you or those you judge for not being ‘woke.’ We can debate the individual squares or we can look at the bigger picture. For a lot of us Afrocentrism has become just another form of elitism within the black community.