Cop Shooting In East Harlem

The school I work in 5 days a week is exactly 1 block away from the street where Officer Holder was killed in the line of duty yesterday in East Harlem. As I left work with my co workers we hoped the police were there for something drug related. How sad is that? That we would rather people be destroying their minds and bodies because at least it would mean no human lives were immediately lost. Sadly one was, just not the way we thought. For me, It gives you an idea of what these kids are dealing with, coming out of step or arts and crafts or soccer and being greeted with a vast police presence and caution tape around an entire city block. It’s like damn, what do you tackle first? How can I help them once I dismiss them? Troubling times man. Troubling times. And I must say that as much as I am fully aware of systemic injustice, we must hold members of our community accountable for their behavior. What if it was one of my kids walking down that block when bullets started flying? We absolutely positively have to do better and we have to realize that your circumstances can become someone else’s. Your life of crime could end a complete stranger’s life. There are KIDS where you deal your drugs and have your fights and FAMILIES trying to make it through the day where you smoke your weed and drink your liquor. I shouldn’t be subjected to all of that in a 5 block radius going from the train station to my job- where I choose- DAILY- to be in this environment in the hopes I am making an impact. In these moments it feels like nothing matters or can have enough of an impact because at any given moment- BOOM. I will work my ass off for change until the day I die in my community and beyond but I cannot do it alone folks. No one can.


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