WOC suggests white folks pay for her therapy and I’m like… Word.

It’s real out here and so many POC suffer from so many undiagnosed/ untreated mental & physical health conditions directly related to the harmful mental, physical, emotional and psychological effects of living in a white supremacist patriarchy which can easily and often does effect individuals ability to maintain employment, living arrangements, pursuing higher education and the list goes on. 

Shout out to the folks who donated already. Yall legit. If you don’t get it, you don’t want to, and that’s cool- but I won’t be entertaining any vitriol on this post. 

The truth of the matter is We will all face bullying in our lives but it won’t come from individuals, institutions, AND systems specifically designed to promote our destruction and subjugation. That struggle is unique to the poor, women, the sexually ‘abnormal’ and pigmented people, and the more seriously we take that and the more eager we are to find tangible solutions (ie assisting a victim of the white supremacist power structure in covering the cost of her therapy), the closer we get to realizing what’s at stake for marginalized individualized and making a concerted effort to alleviate the kind of stress.


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