The UCC Shooting is a tragedy. So is the slanted reporting that occurs every time this happens.


My heart breaks for these victims just like it breaks for any victim of a senseless violent crime but I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the painfully obvious implications of the way this tragedy and others like it are framed as isolated incidents acted out by children who need help.
If I held my breath waiting for someone to refer to just one of the 45 school shootings this year alone as an act of domestic terrorism or the perpetrators as ‘thugs’ ‘terrorists’ or ‘savages’ I would die waiting.
If I thought perhaps someone somewhere would question whether or not violence is a pathologically white phenomenon based on the frequency with which a certain kind of person commits a certain kind of crime, I would die waiting. I’ve never even heard the phrase ‘white on white crime.’
Why aren’t we drawing attention to the shooter’s ethnicity like we would if they were Black? Where is the angry looking photo? Why are we not widely publicizing the fact that he had victims state their religion before opening fire on them? If the shooter had been Muslim we would be seeing a very different kind of reporting.
But whiteness is always secondary to human story/ tragedy when the perpetrator is indeed white. Blackness however is the reason for any crime 

Committed by a black person and Islam has been the root of all extremist evil since 9/11. 
I hope yall paying attention.
My heart breaks but my eyes will always be open. 


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