hooray for Slutwalk! Boo to the crazy levels of misogyny currently swarming the web

My body. My wardrobe. My life. My choice. 
There’s nothing inappropriate about publicly declaring that no one has the right to hurt you or dehumanize you based on your dancing, clothing, or anything else. 

How can you call a woman ‘bad’ and fantasize about doing her and then get mad that she’s using the celebrity your perversion afforded her to publicly declare she will only be your sexual play thing if SHE chooses to do so?
Please acknowledge how ass backwards your hate is and unpack all that crap you’ve been living with that keeps you thinking that women owe you sex, attention, a conversation or anything else.
Being told no is part of life and if you can’t handle women doing them unless they’re doing you too that is a personal issue you need to tend to ASAP.
A lot of yall out here with daughters talking some absolute foolishness online. I hope the men who wind up in their lives are NOTHING like you.

#Slutwalk #AmberRose #Misogyny #FixIt4CJesus #InTheseMomentsFeminismIsSoAppealing


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