Saw the #HotlineBling video and was likeĀ 

Why yall acting like Drake don’t look like every Drunk Uncle who showed up to the family reunion in the Hotline Bling video. When you are over 40 and inebriated your whole dance situation is located in your knee caps and finger tips. Lay off my man. He might have early onset Parkinson’s or some shit. #EverSinceILeftTheCityYOU #HotlineBling #Drake


Cop Shooting In East Harlem

The school I work in 5 days a week is exactly 1 block away from the street where Officer Holder was killed in the line of duty yesterday in East Harlem. As I left work with my co workers we hoped the police were there for something drug related. How sad is that? That we would rather people be destroying their minds and bodies because at least it would mean no human lives were immediately lost. Sadly one was, just not the way we thought. For me, It gives you an idea of what these kids are dealing with, coming out of step or arts and crafts or soccer and being greeted with a vast police presence and caution tape around an entire city block. It’s like damn, what do you tackle first? How can I help them once I dismiss them? Troubling times man. Troubling times. And I must say that as much as I am fully aware of systemic injustice, we must hold members of our community accountable for their behavior. What if it was one of my kids walking down that block when bullets started flying? We absolutely positively have to do better and we have to realize that your circumstances can become someone else’s. Your life of crime could end a complete stranger’s life. There are KIDS where you deal your drugs and have your fights and FAMILIES trying to make it through the day where you smoke your weed and drink your liquor. I shouldn’t be subjected to all of that in a 5 block radius going from the train station to my job- where I choose- DAILY- to be in this environment in the hopes I am making an impact. In these moments it feels like nothing matters or can have enough of an impact because at any given moment- BOOM. I will work my ass off for change until the day I die in my community and beyond but I cannot do it alone folks. No one can.

Eff Raven Symone at this point, seriously. But let’s talk about these ‘ghetto names’

Sad state of affairs when a successful woman of color with a purposely misspelled name that contains a completely unnecessary accent mark is on TV rocking flaming red hair (which is certainly perceived as ‘ghetto’ on her by her peers whether or not she realizes it) is talking about how she wouldn’t hire someone with a ‘ghetto’ name and even references watermelon. 
A name is a name just like skin is skin and clothes are clothes. They only mean what we make them mean and we really need to consider how ‘black’ names became the marker for who not to hire and how that effects the lived realities of actual human beings looking to go to school and become part of the work force.
I’ve known Deannas, Starquannas and Jay, Tay AND Day Quans and I never treated them any differently than the Samantha’s, Eric’s or Adams as my schoolmates OR students. 
It saddens me that we internalize this foolishness, even naming our children specifically based on what will give them the ‘best chance’ on an application. 
We get to choose their names and we often stay far away from cultural names so they won’t be judged but please believe that won’t save them. I shudder to think of how many of us would choose a different skin tone or hair texture for our children if we could.
When Johari and Jayla are wildly successful in whatever it is they decide to do it is those cultural names (granted- I now realize ‘Jayla’ might be quite palatable to a Eurocentric ear) that will be announced when they receive their accolades and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Jess and Jack have enough awards. 
And they’d be the same kids if they were Jamal and Jasmarie or Jay Quan and Janiqua.

hooray for Slutwalk! Boo to the crazy levels of misogyny currently swarming the web

My body. My wardrobe. My life. My choice. 
There’s nothing inappropriate about publicly declaring that no one has the right to hurt you or dehumanize you based on your dancing, clothing, or anything else. 

How can you call a woman ‘bad’ and fantasize about doing her and then get mad that she’s using the celebrity your perversion afforded her to publicly declare she will only be your sexual play thing if SHE chooses to do so?
Please acknowledge how ass backwards your hate is and unpack all that crap you’ve been living with that keeps you thinking that women owe you sex, attention, a conversation or anything else.
Being told no is part of life and if you can’t handle women doing them unless they’re doing you too that is a personal issue you need to tend to ASAP.
A lot of yall out here with daughters talking some absolute foolishness online. I hope the men who wind up in their lives are NOTHING like you.

#Slutwalk #AmberRose #Misogyny #FixIt4CJesus #InTheseMomentsFeminismIsSoAppealing

WOC suggests white folks pay for her therapy and I’m like… Word.

It’s real out here and so many POC suffer from so many undiagnosed/ untreated mental & physical health conditions directly related to the harmful mental, physical, emotional and psychological effects of living in a white supremacist patriarchy which can easily and often does effect individuals ability to maintain employment, living arrangements, pursuing higher education and the list goes on. 

Shout out to the folks who donated already. Yall legit. If you don’t get it, you don’t want to, and that’s cool- but I won’t be entertaining any vitriol on this post. 

The truth of the matter is We will all face bullying in our lives but it won’t come from individuals, institutions, AND systems specifically designed to promote our destruction and subjugation. That struggle is unique to the poor, women, the sexually ‘abnormal’ and pigmented people, and the more seriously we take that and the more eager we are to find tangible solutions (ie assisting a victim of the white supremacist power structure in covering the cost of her therapy), the closer we get to realizing what’s at stake for marginalized individualized and making a concerted effort to alleviate the kind of stress.

The UCC Shooting is a tragedy. So is the slanted reporting that occurs every time this happens.


My heart breaks for these victims just like it breaks for any victim of a senseless violent crime but I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the painfully obvious implications of the way this tragedy and others like it are framed as isolated incidents acted out by children who need help.
If I held my breath waiting for someone to refer to just one of the 45 school shootings this year alone as an act of domestic terrorism or the perpetrators as ‘thugs’ ‘terrorists’ or ‘savages’ I would die waiting.
If I thought perhaps someone somewhere would question whether or not violence is a pathologically white phenomenon based on the frequency with which a certain kind of person commits a certain kind of crime, I would die waiting. I’ve never even heard the phrase ‘white on white crime.’
Why aren’t we drawing attention to the shooter’s ethnicity like we would if they were Black? Where is the angry looking photo? Why are we not widely publicizing the fact that he had victims state their religion before opening fire on them? If the shooter had been Muslim we would be seeing a very different kind of reporting.
But whiteness is always secondary to human story/ tragedy when the perpetrator is indeed white. Blackness however is the reason for any crime 

Committed by a black person and Islam has been the root of all extremist evil since 9/11. 
I hope yall paying attention.
My heart breaks but my eyes will always be open.