Straight outta black male misogyny

Haven’t seen it and I’m still interested in watching it eventually but the shit described here would be a bit too triggering at this point in time. 
And that script/ casting leak?! We HAVE to do better by our women and stop allowing black male misogyny to exist freely and unchecked ESPECIALLY in the era of #BlackLivesMatter 
The same women you’d use for nothing more than a sexual conquest or write off for being promiscuous (even though you love to watch them twerk) are just as disproportionately impacted by state violence as their male counterparts if not more so due to this type of interpersonal violence AND gender based violence. 
Our movement against systemic oppression must include taking a long hard look at the lethal effects of patriarchy and sexism disguised as tradition, culture and machismo on the movement and in communities of color. 
Black and brown women matter. Fellas, stand up for your mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, home girls and yes even strangers who may not be simultaneously married and virgins (cause that’s the only kind of good clean girl, right?!) 
Ladies, advocate for yourselves and your sisters- straight, gay, trans, light, dark, natural, relaxed, baby mama, wife, Muslim, Christian alike. 
The abuse and exploitation of indigenous and African/Caribbean women, the fetishization of Latina, Asian and multicultural women, and the normalization of all these sexist, anti Black behaviors have brought us to a place where these messages that black women are to be disrespected and discarded are not recognized as pieces in the puzzle when our women are murdered and the world is silent or when national programs like my brothers keeper are launched and there is no equivalent for young women of color. Something to think about while you praise #StraightOuttaCompton 
I’m not saying #NWA wasn’t a significant group in hip hop or that their message against police brutality and their ability to reach the people most effected by state violence in all its forms was not an incredible testament to the power of hip hop culture, its influence, scope, potential and place as a musical mainstay and cultural phenomenon. I’m saying none of that overrides the misogyny of this or any other musical group/ artist that does not respect women of color. 
I must also note that while white publications and media outlets are loving this film (which is telling in itself) the folks who made it teamed up with law enforcement to guard movie theaters showing the film. Like we the ones shooting up movie theaters. 
#WeDontTrustYouToActCivilized #ButWellTakeYourMoney #SayHerName #BlackWomenMatter #NameTheProblem #Patriarchy #NotQuiteSoRevolutionaryhj


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