Why disrespecting ‘ratchets’ is anti Black

This hits home for me in a major way. Having a great dialogue with a brotha on Facebook so I’m going to provide my commentary to him in this caption. He suggested that it’s important to differentiate because ‘we want our sons and daughters to differentiate between women who love themselves and give back to the world and those who don’t respect themselves or life’ 

here’s my response: The thing it’s important to remember Alain Davis is that the terms are applied so loosely that they lack accuracy and ultimately value. The minute you eat McDonald’s or know a fetty wap lyric you become a hood rat to some black men. 

If you didn’t know me as a person and you caught me on a particularly #carefreeblackgirl day I might very well be bumping ‘post to be’ and trying (and failing miserably) to do the nae nae. These small things create these huge and divisive categories and I can’t rock with that. 

In the case of our sisters who are truly not aware of their worth and ancestral greatness, the question we as a people have to ask ourselves is, ‘how does me calling this sister names change her situation?’ And it doesn’t. 

We forget that queens are queens even when they don’t exhibit ‘queen like’ behavior. That royalty shit is in our DNA. Perhaps if more of us respected one another that culture of love would permeate even the farthest gone mind. But we spend so much time throwing shade and trying to be a ‘different kind’ of black folk that the things that should bind us are trumped by these categorizations. 

It serves us to point out hArmful behavior. It doesn’t serve us to divide ourselves from one another or disrespect one another. A lot of nasty things come a black woman’s way once she’s deemed ‘ratchet’ and a ‘hoodrat.’ We don’t even have/use those terms for our men. Something else to think about. 

#locloveliveshere #blackhairmatters #stereotypes #namecalling #theblackcommunity #afrocenchick #ypoc #blacklove #blackpower #blackunity #blackwomen #blackmen #niggasbelike #bitchesbelike #queensbelike #kingsbelike #BUTWEALLROYALTY


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