Why I’m here for Ciara & Russell Wilson

You don’t have to marry the mother of your child to keep another man from doing the job given to you by biology. You simply have to be present and engaged in your child’s life.
I’m not gonna be out here telling folks with no business being in a relationship to make it last forever. That’s just silly. But two adults don’t have to be together to co-parent a child. They just have to be adults.
The fact so many people who have never met Ciara, Future OR Russell Wilson are so concerned about Ciara moving on is absurd.
How are your personal affairs going? Perhaps you shouldn’t be so emotionally invested in the familial drama of others. Especially when all the outrage stems from an apparent deadbeat’s ‘rights’ to a child and their hurt feelings over another man’s involvement.
What I’m seeing in the conversation surrounding this situation is a lot of claim being laid to women and children as things and not people. If the child is ‘yours’ and you care so much how did it become a situation where someone was able to replace you?
Conceiving a child does not make you a father. What you contribute after that child is born is the difference between being a sperm donor and a parent. Nothing is ‘yours’ once you discard it, regardless of paperwork or a last name. 
So all you brothas with hurt feelings probably need to give your own kids a call lol.


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