Mad love to Amandla Sternberg

EXTREMELY tired of celebrities, correspondents & other people with influence claiming cultural appropriation ‘isn’t a big deal,’ that they ‘didn’t understand the historical context’ until they received a huge backlash or that ‘we can work toward equality a different way’ than calling out cultural theft for popularity & profit. 
No, bitch.
I will be there every time black, brown, red & yellow culture is used for a photo op while the originators of the baby hair, head dresses, braid styles, bamboo earrings, & head wraps are murdered with impunity, displaced, disrespected and dehumanized on a daily basis across the globe. 
It’s all connected.
I find it hilarious though not at all surprising that someone like Justin Beiber came to the defense of Kylie Jenner when Amandla Sternberg tried to put her on to the difference between appreciation and appropriation and suggested she could do more for the black community since she’s so fond of its physical attributes and hair styles.
These conversations are important and should be encouraged, not dismissed and shut down. Especially not by people with the influence over these young folks to make them think twice about their actions. 
Keep shining Amandla. 


Young People of Color Inc & The Cyber Camp present #Kids4Life

Young People of Color Incorporated and The Cyber Camp have teamed up for a very special project this summer. Our babies are taking a hands on approach to impacting their world and they are using technology to do it.
We launched the #Kids4Life initiative yesterday morning and got 100+ likes in a day! That’s the power of family and community! 
The Cyber Camp aims to have 1,000 likes by August 14th so we can promote peace, safety and humanity in the world. Our specific areas of interest are #policebrutality #poaching #Communityviolence & #cyberbullying.
We can’t do this important work and help our kids learn and teach these invaluable lessons without your help!
So Moms, dads, teachers, friends, coworkers, church family & everyone in between please share this status on behalf of our awesome students and be sure to like & follow us on social media.
Most importantly let us know what you think of what we’re doing. We must encourage our youth doing positive things!
















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