On Gay Marriage & Religion

I must have missed that part in the bible where it says ‘love thy heterosexual neighbor exclusively and shame any non gender confirming individual like your place in heaven depends on it.’
Silly me.
Then folks wonder why people can’t get with religion. When your love is conditional I have to wonder whose God you think you’re pleasing and how you could possibly be able to put people on to the ministry you supposedly believe in when you go out of your way to make certain individuals feel unwelcome in God’s house and among God’s people. And I use the terms loosely.
If I know one thing about God, it’s he don’t like ugly, and we ain’t talkin’ physical unattractiveness.
Lotta ugly souls on my timeline.
Same ones asking me to forgive murderous white supremacists want me to persecute the lgbtq community.
Gotta let the Alanis Morisette play on that note.


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