Black Folk: stop ‘leaving it to Jesus’

No shade to my folk who leave it all to Jesus but I gotta keep it funky witchu. If you’re not doing the work, God won’t be fixing a damn thing.

Stop waiting on him and use the talents, minds, skills and souls he blessed you with to do his work instead of sitting idly by while the world falls apart calling on Jesus and staying ‘prayed up.’

What is prayer without works? What is faith without action? 

And I hope you at LEAST waiting on 4C Jesus and not that surfer dude.

We all know what copper and wool look like.

I will happily wait on the Lord and be of good courage but I will be down at the shelter serving food, with my homies at the community action meetings, in the hood with our kids tutoring, and finishing this teaching degree while doing it

Faith don’t count for everything yall.


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