Maybe now we’ll stop talking about Rachel Dolezal

And the anti Black hate crime being described as a ‘church shooting.’ The energy media outlets are pouring into giving someone with privilege an outlet to repeatedly speak on why she has every right to pretend said privilege does not exist is an abomination to the Haitians in the DR and the 9 victims murdered in a church last night. Anti- Black racism is a global epidemic and the sooner we start going to bat for #ActualBlack people the way we are defending the humanity of Rachel Dolezal, the sooner we will see a more equitable and accessible world. It’s not hating on her to acknowledge the space she’s taking up in a conversation that has nothing to do with her nor is it wrong to point out the implications of transracial theory and the lived experiences said thinking will impose upon the black women, girls & femmes already struggling to be loved, protected and humanized in this world. #charleston #dominicanrepublic #racheldolezal #thecostofactualblackness


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