finding the will to do the work after the AME Massacre

I should be sad. I really should. But I am way too focused to allow depression to seep into the places I could be harboring the love for my people this world clearly lacks.

I also remembered something today. And that’s how much I love myself. I remembered how that simple act is one of revolution. And it brought me peace. 

I want to recognize all the people in this world who look like me and love themselves as well, because you are part of the struggle whether or not you know it. 

You don’t have to march to be part of a movement and you don’t have to support my work for us to be connected. 

I’m going to ride for you regardless. 

I also recognized the glorious burden of Black parenthood today as I watched the young black man I’m raising exit his school with his diverse group of awesome friends, completely oblivious to the world that awaits them.

I hugged the SHIT out of my kids today. And everything is in perspective. 

Together we will win and failure is simply not an option.

The Ryann Storm Roofs of this world ain’t got shit on me.

Sending every bit of love in my soul to the families of the victims of the #AMEMassacre 

You will be on my mind when this work gets too difficult. 

I will never fucking stop.



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