Final Thoughts on Rachel Dolezal

I swear I won’t say anything else. But this interview is all over my damn feed. There’s nothing to explain. Loving and wanting to be donkey kong does not make me a fucking video game character. Too much baggage comes with blackness to be co opting it cause you FEEL like it. The epitome of privilege is the ability to CHOOSE blackness. I love the skin I’m in but I damn sure didn’t get to choose it, how people see me because of it and how they treat me and people like me. Race is a social construct, I get that. I would love to explore that. But not at the expense of the lived experiences of my people across the diaspora. This is not the story from which a dialogue about race should be spawned. Just another confirmation of white privilege and the feelings of white women overriding the lived experiences of black women. Although I was made to think critically the past few days I stand firm in my belief that the dialogue surrounding this serves an agenda that will be harmful to marginalized groups at the end of the day. The comparisons to the transgender struggle set a dangerous precedent that undermines the lives, safety and legitimacy of women, trans & black people. This ‘what is race?’ Question would not have come up if a black woman was outed as white. I guarantee it. On the flip side all the black folks standing up for Rachel on the grounds that she did so much for the community and embraced it and ‘well how come she can’t be black? Eff stereotypes! What makes a black person black anyway?’ You would be the same ones digging a grave to throw her in if she was a black woman who believed she was white (negropean! Humph! Look at that self hate!) so I really don’t get it. Anyone with a stake in the community, regardless of your race, let’s let Rachel do whatever she’s gonna do and keep building for the collective. This woman has already gotten too much air time. God bless her and keep it moving.


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