Thoughts on Rachel Dolezal

I’m still processing this #RachelDolezal business. It’s a bit too much honestly. But the bottom line is that anyone can advocate for anyone or anything. Passing yourself off as another ethnicity is not solidarity. It’s flippin weird. In an instance where it was done for survival, such as light skinned Blacks passing for White during slavery & Jim Crow, that makes sense. Your life is on the line. But in this case it happens to be blackface and a ridiculous amount of lies that revolve around not the work you supposedly want to advance, but specifically promoting the narrative that you are something you’re not. Pretending to receive hate mail? Passing your black adopted brother off as your child? That’s shit I can’t rock with. The #NAACP is just fine working in conjunction with White folk. There was no need for all that madness. Battling oppression and having a desire to BE oppressed are two very different things. I even get ‘feeling’ Black in terms of growing up in and around Black families and renouncing Whiteness so as not to be associated with ‘them’ within a social justice framework but none of that makes me feel any less bothered by this story. Especially since she told the media things like she ‘grew up in a teepee’ and ‘used to hunt with bows and arrows.’ Im not even going to get into the implications of her adding those false and exaggerated tidbits to her story for extra black points. And who the fuck is doing the background checks at the NAACP? Like, holy shit. Fire them. #RachelDolezal


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