Don’t Compare Rachel Dolezal to Bruce Jenner

I see the #BruceJenner parallels brewing in comparison to #RachelDolezal and I feel like this. You are what you are and your truth is your truth but there’s a huge difference between the two scenarios. 

I think a lot of people will draw that comparison but it’s faulty because we all have a duality within us between what is considered male and female. Girls can be ‘tomboys’ and certain boys will be perceived as ‘feminine’ because of certain behaviors. 

Both Men and women can actually be rough or soft, and like whoever they like.

We only operate on either end of the spectrum as a direct result of societal constraints. 

But race? There’s no inherent blackness, whiteness, chineseness or indianness within us all. 

In regards to ethnicity you are what you’re born. 

Feeling ties to a community and lying to infiltrate that community are two very different things.


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