Thoughts on Kalief Browder, Dejerrica Becton & the society working against them both

Between the story of this young man being held at rikers for THREE YEARS without trial for allegedly STEALING A BOOK BAG (two of which were in solitary confinement) and committing suicide upon his release because the damage done to him by the system was too great and this story of #McKinney PD drawing weapons on Black kids at a POOL PARTY and assaulting a 15 year old girl after these kids were verbally assaulted and the girl was PHYSICALLY assaulted and still wound up being the one brutalized and arrested by police I am just a bit stressed.

I have been working on not getting worked up, really I have. But I find that the issue with the Black community, and humanity as a whole, is that people don’t get worked up ENOUGH about justice and asserting the humanity of their fellow man. So imma sit right here in my feelings and create something beautiful, positive and sadly necessary for survival with them. 

I need days like yesterday, ( I volunteered and gave out food to folks living in shelters, creating plans for black small business expos with fellow entrepreneurs and discussed the benefits of a healthy diet within disempowered communities and how we can foster change.) 

I need to be in that space full of positivity and hope and building for a better future, to balance out days like today. My feed is full of proof that me and mine are not welcome on this planet and the price we pay for existence may very well be death, lack of mental health & the perpetual rage and depression that comes with constantly receiving messages of hate & inhumanity. Even with all the spaces I create to combat such narratives and the beautiful people from all walks of life I’m surrounded by, my heart aches at times. Today is one of those times. I will take this momentary angst and continue working toward a better tomorrow but DAMN if it doesn’t hurt today. And you wonder why we feel the need to declare #blacklivesmatter
With regards to any trending case of police brutality, Make sure you know the full and accurate story. The media will always try to paint a picture where those brutalized somehow deserved it, but a lot of us know better. 

Before the police showed up and reminded us what’s wrong with the system in the way they handled Dejerrica, a grown woman laid hands on a child for being somewhere she was unwelcome and reminded us what’s wrong with America. Don’t let your luck if you’ve never had an encounter like this shape your view to one that believes these are isolated incidents. A bunch of kids were hanging out in a community they were invited to by friends and were told to ‘go back to their section 8 housing.’ Then an ADULT involved in the verbal exchange ASSAULTED a minor. But who did the police brutalize and arrest? And where are the charges against the THUG who initiated a physical confrontation? Why is brandishing a firearm at unarmed minors or citizens in general for that matter so widely accepted as ‘part of the job?’ These are the questions.
It’s also very important that Kalief’s story becomes part of the national debate about police brutality and state sanctioned violence. It doesn’t always look like smart phone footage of a brutal attack. Solitary confinement is an attack on the mind. Punishment without trial is an attack on the spirit. All these things are violent.


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