Support people powered youth & community enrichment with YPOC!

We’ve hit the $100 mark fundraising for #YPOCSummerCamp Help us get to $200!

This is how I contribute daily, on the ground in my community.

Conversing on social media about what could and should be done is cool and can definitely broaden perspectives and build momentum but be sure to support the people acting on the rhetoric and hashtags. 

We don’t all have ties to well known organizations but each of us has the ability to effect change within our microcosm and when enough of us realize that power and potential, we’ll blink and the world will reflect our good works.

This is a community project, not a one man show.

I appreciate every single kind word, like, share, reblog, retweet, donation, etc. because it keeps me going and reminds me I am not the only regular person making a concerted effort to challenge systems and ideas way bigger than myself.

It’s all about advancing the collective and promoting the greater good.

Mad love.
Fundraiser link below:


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