There’s no N Word debate for Non Black People

I absolutely positively cannot with Tom Hanks son, Chet. I am tired of having the N word debate because there should be no debate!
This privileged child talmbout ‘we can choose to change the connotation’ and ‘it’s a universal term from hip hop’ is the most misguided shit I’ve heard in a very long time and to add insult to injury my man referenced modern day police brutality AND the Jim Crow era meaning homeboy is FULLY aware of the historical baggage this term possesses and STILL chooses to use it on the basis that ‘no one can tell him what to say’ cause he has freedom of speech. 
God damn if freedom of speech isn’t the mantra of every person who gets called out for being willfully ignorant in a public forum.
I’ll say this ONCE more.
Us Reclaiming something used to degrade us is our prerogative. Black folk will never agree on this but what we can do is not judge other black folk for how they speak because it’s often our environment that informs our speech patterns. 
While the same can be said for people of other ethnicities who grow up around black people there is a plethora of information and dialogue centered around this topic and after a while it becomes a matter of choice, not ignorance, for white people & others. 
My reclamation of a dehumanizing term , should I choose to reclaim it, has nothing to do with how I am triggered by someone in a privileged group using it in my presence or as a slur against me. 
Even if they use it casually as a term of endearment, I have the right not to be here for it as someone whose life is tied to the lives of people who heard that word before being beaten, raped, lynched etc. and the people wondering why they can’t use the word don’t have that connection. 

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