Gang Members sentenced to 8, 20 years respectively in fatal park shooting of 4 year old boy

I don’t rock with the Daily News but I had to share this story. I know several great Black parents living in predominantly Black neighborhoods who don’t feel like it’s safe to take their children to the local park. Fighting, weed smoking, extreme violence- that is the reality in some parks, especially now that summer is here. We HAVE to do better. Black on Black crime seems to be a term used specifically to victim blame black and brown people for their own demise when state sanctioned violence prematurely ends a life and that cannot go unnoticed BUT intra-racial violence must be dealt with as well. Combatting external AND internal forces making our communities unsafe is the key to creating a new kind of community. My heart goes out to this mom. I can’t imagine her pain. The village must save all these lost youth or at least put a concerted effort into trying to do so. Stop asking where the parents are and let’s come together and look out for ALL our kids. There would be way less stories like this if kids weren’t looking to gang life for a family and understood the gravity of destroying a family and the damage hard time does to quality of life on the outside afterward. This breaks my heart on so many levels.



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