NYC! Join YPOC for brunch this Fathers Day weekend!

In addition to our fundraiser for #YPOCSummerCamp going on via we are hosting another brunch next month in honor of Father’s Day!
Our #YPOCMothersDayBrunch was amazing. We got to experience Nigerian food and discuss improving our communities and how we interact with one another.

There’s so much going on in the world that we often feel hopeless. Let’s turn the sorrow and anger caused by constant violence internally and externally into the motivating force that causes us to be better for ourselves and each other.
We’re having the a discussion about how to operate as one village raising all of our children as opposed to being separate individuals concerned only with ourselves. 

We will be focusing on the role of father figures next month at Zoma Ethiopian restaurant in Harlem so 

Parents, guardians, concerned citizens, educators & community activists: consider joining us and adding your voice to this very necessary and ongoing conversation.
As a community that cares it is our job to find ways to create opportunities and safe spaces for the entire next generation, not just the youth in our own lives. 

Come brainstorm and enjoy a great meal in the spirit of family, community and togetherness. 
Check out the eventbrite for details & to RSVP. Hope to see you there!
Father’s Day link:
Facebook Event Page:

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