Support the YPOC Summer Initiative!

The 3 primary goals of the YPOC summer initiative are:

   1. To instill a sense of empowerment in youth POC. Through enriching dialogue, experiences and examinations of self and society using pop culture, the performance arts, current events, history and other means of examining the role of POC in their own lives and as members of the Black Diaspora.

2. To discover and hone each student’s inate creative talents. Whether they are a singer or an architect, we aim to allow their creativity to flourish as their minds open to new ideas so that they are expanding their whole mind and not just their left brain. Through performance, deep reflective writing and creative seminars we aim to give students an opportunity to figure out what they like and realize their full potential in that area.

3. To instill critically thinking minds. The main objective of the YPOC summer initiative is to make sure each and every student leaves the program with a questioning mind and a thirst for knowledge. As a community, we are often unaware of what isn’t between the covers of a magazine or on the news, but a desire to know more about everything, and an understanding of the importance of concepts like empowerment and activism, will hopefully help create a generation of future thinkers, doers and leaders with the book smarts to know how to solve problems, the creativity it will take to defeat issues related to those problems and the empowerment to be the change they want to see in this world without fear.
In addition to the main objectives, other significant objectives include improving students writing and public speaking abilities, improving their ability to learn in new ways and expanding their knowledge of history, society and themselves.
Program Design:
The YPOC summer initiative curriculum was created by YPOC founder Tajh Sutton. As a childhood education major at Brooklyn College with a concentration in English, a mother of two, a political activist, and an aspiring performance artist and model, my aim was to take all the things that have helped expand my understanding of life and added to my happiness, and put them together to create a holistic edu-cultural program that would benefit the collective. 
Future Goals:
If successful in all goals, the YPOC summer initiative aims to branch out into an academic school year program, such as an elective or after school program option, in addition to the summer program. There is currently a senior staff of one, with an alternating list of volunteers providing assistance when needed. We are currently building support for sponsorship and partnering with like minded businesses, programs and initiatives for funding and implementation in order to hire a consistant staff and provide compensation as well as provide our students with enriching opportunities outside of their schools and communities.
Please like, share & donate whatever you can to the cause! You can view the full campaign below & check out the related photos at to see what we’ve been doing since our 2012 campaign where it all began : )


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