Proof that White Gangs, like Corporations, are people & a reminder why we must assert #BlackLivesMatter

Is there anything I could say about the biker gang/ supremacist shooting in Waco Texas that I haven’t said a thousand times before? Perps are Hanging out after a mass murder that left 9 dead, with cell phone access and uncuffed. I don’t think I need to ask what would have happened if this was the bloods & crips in a confrontation and police showed up to the scene. Seriously, if you aren’t aware that racism is not only alive and well but THRIVING across the world due to feigned ignorance and a collective unwillingness to be uncomfortable with being part of the problem and then taking steps to become part of the solution then nothing I post here will sway or deter you. I’m not wasting my breath. Just going to keep doing my work, holding my head high and using my knowledge of the negative to create more of the positive. But I will say this: the implicit bias we refuse to acknowledge is killing our kids. And if you don’t see the brown boys and girls all over the news as ‘our’ kids but you simultaneously want ‘all’ lives to matter, it’s time to look in the mirror, call out your own bullshit, and work toward taking responsibility for the world we live in and the people continually leaving it too soon. #Waco #BlackLivesMatter #ThatsThatBullshit #Texas #ThugsCanBeWhiteToo


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