Mothers Day Musings

Thanks to everyone who showed me love for Mother’s Day. I could recount the beautiful words and deeds I’ve experienced over the weekend but there’s no need. I hold them in my heart. What I do want to share is something I gave myself today and that’s freedom. The balancing act required to be the mother of multiple children, maintain a healthy relationship with your spouse, make time for family and friends, follow your dreams, bring in some kind of money for your family, practice consistent self care, keep a clean home and a home cooked meal prepared can literally be an impossible feat to achieve simultaneously and consistently. I often feel inadequate in one or more areas and have a tendency to throw myself into my work, which has been mostly voluntary despite its time and energy consuming nature. All the love I received today was a great reminder that I’m doing something right and that simply ‘being’, as opposed to working on ‘becoming ‘ this or that is good enough and may actually aid in the accomplishment of my goals. Lots planned for this newfound positivity, confidence and self expression and I can’t wait to share with you all. There’s an unspeakable joy that comes with motherhood but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows is it mommies? With that said I want to send Lots of love to all the mommies feeling tired, unattractive, not ‘sexy,’ unaccomplished, unappreciated, bored or otherwise limited and/ or overwhelmed by their full time job. Life is still in progress which means things can still change for you and your mini you(s.) You can always stop just for a minute to figure out what you need to do for YOU and then proceed. If you aren’t your best the whole family unit crumbles so don’t be afraid to show yourself a little compassion and love. This selfie is the first I’ve taken/ posted in years. YEARS. Why? Because I’ve been telling myself I need to look like I did when I was 19 before i can behave like someone who likes themself/ their appearance enough to post a selfie. I now know that is ridiculous. Damn did I write enough? Good night yall lol. #MothersDayMusings 



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