1st Annual YPOC Mothers Day Brunch 

I wanted to do something special for Mother’s Day with my non profit. I decided to host a brunch where parents, educators, activists and concerned citizens could come together to empower our communities and keep our kids safe while also enjoying each other’s company and a cultural experience that would enrich our understanding of the Diaspora, Nigeria in particular.  

Continental Africans And African Americans often view one another as strangers/ outsiders but the Global struggle Against anti Black racism depends on our Ability to come together. Anyways, let me stop Preaching. Here are some highlights 😊

And brunch has begun. The awesome @newlyengineeredme showing Hari Nigeria on a map. Every moment can be a teaching moment and we have to be responsible for educating all our youth, not just the ones we know! #Africa #Nigeria #ContinentalAfricansAndAfricanAmericansUnite #CulturalExperiences #Education #TheGlobalBlackExperience #YPOC #EverydayActivism


Brunch at #Buka was incredible. I’m officially a fan of #NigerianFood We ordered the tiger shrimp, Buka sauce (savory spicy beef served with rice) and dun dun (white yam fries served with an Unidentifiable delicious red sauce) We also ordered yam & eggs but I didn’t get a good photo 😊 3 cheers for broadening horizons and experiencing African culture beyond the African American experience. Unity means acknowledging our similarities AND embracing and valuing our differences. #YPOC #YPOCEvents #YPOCMothersDayBrunch #Africa #Nigeria #AfricanAmericans #ContinentalAfricansAndAfricanAmericansUnite #TheGlobalBlackExperience #TheBlackCommunity #AfricanFood #NigerianFood #BukaNigerianRestaurant


Success! My 7 year old picked his own appetizer and entree at today’s brunch and enjoyed both. 3 cheers for kids you don’t have to force to try new foods lol. He had the fried rice & dun dun. #YPOC #YPOCEvents #YPOCMothersDayBrunch #Nigeria #NigerianFood #Africa #AfricanFood #Buka #BukaNigerianRestaurant photo compliments of @newlyengineeredme 💕



#Buka Part restaurant. Part museum. So dope that they provide a cultural experience with the ambience as well as the food. The wall was lined with clothing, artwork and tapestries. Extra bonus? There was a BOOK SHELF full of Nigerian literature and history. We often dive into a culture’s FOOD and that’s it. Consider learning a bit about the folks whose take out and dining you enjoy so much. The world would be a hell of a lot more awesome if we all practiced appreciation and not appropriation. I searched for quite some time for a BLACK OWNED African restaurant which is crazy, but I digress. #Buka is the business. #BukaNigerianRestaurant

 So much love to Frances Vicioso- mom, para professional, STEM aficionado and Lego enthusiast, Rebekah- writer, fashionista, and God mother and my awesome children Jayla and Johari for coming along for the ride. 

I knew it was a risky move planning an event on a holiday weekend when I’m still on the come up but creating a community that acts as the village it takes to raise our children will not occur overnight. Slow and steady wins the race.

Happy belated Mother’s Day not only to the biological moms, but to all the women who create fantastic human beings through nurturing them. 

Sending a special prayer up for those who lost their moms and moms who have lost their children.

You are appreciated and your impact, though all too brief, will never be forgotten by those who love you.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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