Consider this before criticizing the Baltimore ‘Riots’

Everybody shook to get out in the streets or let their children do the same, do you realize the fear you feel for your/their safety in the presence of law enforcement is exactly why these people are out there?
Have you considered that no police murder ever occurs at a protest? No matter how much the word ‘riot’ is thrown around somehow police come out of these nearly weekly basis situations with scrapes, bruises and a ‘reportedly’ broken nose MAX after ‘clashing’ with groups of people the world SWEARS are out for blood. If that’s what we wanted don’t you think there would be more than Rock throwing going on? Meanwhile we are murdered in cold blood by civilians and police alike in alleyways, #RekiaBoyd at gas stations #JordanDavis and in our very own beds #AiyanaJones and bathrooms #RamarleyGraham 
Could it be the witnesses to the commonplace provocation of peaceful protesters at these actions, and media cameras (as opposed to camera phones) everywhere deter them from using lethal force? And this causes them to stick with excessive force and use intimidation, tear gas and the threat of arrest- which they always follow through on to disperse crowds of concerned and outraged citizens once they have enough footage to turn a revolt into a ‘riot?’ 
(I mean seriously- what would the news coverage be without a few roughed up cops and no one arrested? Folks might actually think there was a 99% peaceful protest happening!) 
Also consider how little media coverage these stories would even be getting if it weren’t for the burning cars, thrown rocks and looted stores. Yall sitting here acting like #Ferguson is the first city to EVER have a race issue manifest itself in the policing of Black and Brown people. Before that it was like, #Sandford ! Woah! They’re crazy in Florida! #TrayvonMartin but really the situation has always been present and communities of color have always advocated for themselves and their  communities. Of course that’s not the story they’re selling, but anyone with a true stake in humanity and the humanity of others is looking at this situation and the coverage of it very critically, making looting and property damage a small detail in a much larger picture.
No one looted or ‘rioted’ in the name of #NatashaMcKenna, #YuvetteHenderson, #OtisByrd or #LennonLacy. Consider that’s why they are not household names. 


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