Why your resistance to the Baltimore resistance is misguided.

I see a side of the Black community the media will NEVER report on YEAR ROUND. 
We are building 24/7/365. Home schooling and becoming educators to teach our children the truth and how to love themselves and know their history. 
Launching everything from daycares to salons to restaurants to healthy eating initiatives to community exercise programs to book stores to cruelty free beauty & clothing brands to keep the black dollar circulating in the black community and become self sufficient so we can disassociate ourselves from the interconnected systems of capitalism, colonialism, consumerism and racism. 
We are creating spaces full of love for one another and decrying the destruction of black lives & livelihoods regardless of the source of destruction. 
We are organizing against ‘black on black crime.’ 
We are organizing in solidarity with other marginalized communities because we know all too well the destruction of biased reporting, misrepresentation, erasure and state violence as a tool to silence. 
We are praying, petitioning, lobbying, writing, reading, creating, building, organizing and everything you would suggest ‘instead of’ protesting or rioting. 
Black Folks say ‘protests are pointless’ but what’s your alternative? 
White folks say ‘rioting solves nothing’ but what’s your suggestion once you realize we have literally tried EVERYTHING EXCEPT fighting fire with fire? 
I’m not a proponent of violence, but not one of you, black, white or purple, can suggest a tactic the black community has not already tried throughout CENTURIES of exploitation, degradation, dehumanization and unspeakable violence. 
Violence we live in fear of to this day, every day, because NOTHING ELSE HAS PROVEN BENEFICIAL. Strides have been made towards equality, sure, but new ways to disenfranchise the Black community are created every day. 
I’m not really sure how anyone who understands all of this could make it a point to wag a disapproving finger at kids in the street throwing rocks and destroying objects with no parents, dreams or souls but never once utter a word against the initial and historical brutality against them and people like them that sparked such rage.
Be clear. Property destruction came AFTER having rocks thrown at them by law enforcement, being called niggers and told to go back to Africa by bystanders and being stuck in the presence of aggressive police wearing riot gear (because transit had been purposely shut down leaving them stranded.)
Naturally that was not a part of the nightly news report. 
Imagine living in constant danger/ fear and working toward changing your situation with members of your community by spreading awareness through direct action. Imagine planning to simply make your voice heard and being met with verbal and imminent physical aggression. Imagine staring someone in the face as they insult and belittle you on a level most will never experience. Imagine ALL that and ask yourself:
How much could you take before you SNAPPED?
Rioting is NOT us snapping by the way. Rioting is us attempting to give police a chance to stop murdering us in the street. Its us giving the criminal justice system a chance to actually put a killer cop or two away. Its us giving the government a chance to pass comprehensive legislation that would restructure this wicked system into one worth supporting. It’s us giving bystanders and onlookers across the world the opportunity to stand WITH us as opposed to sitting idly by and soothing themselves by saying the police have a hard job and the crime in our communities is an inherent character flaw and not the product of a well designed power structure. It’s us releasing our fury on PROPERTY as opposed to PEOPLE. 
We have not snapped yet. We should have snapped. We COULD have snapped. Instead we steal Cheetos and break store windows. We light cars on fire in response to the MURDER OF MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN and STILL it us US who become the animals, criminals, savages, monsters.
Is murder no longer a crime?Should petty theft and property damage be able to override a conversation about systemic and systematic genocide that has apparently become LEGAL?
These are the questions people.
Not ‘how come those black people cant put their heads together calmly and stop their own murders?’

And Neither you nor Sway has the fucking answers.


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