A message to #TeamNatural

Posted this on the LocLoveLivesHere Instagram with the following caption:
Pic stolen from @locsntatts As mainstream acceptance of natural hair begins to grow the loose curly fro is being heralded the new black girl beauty standard leaving other textures and styles like Locs on the outskirts of the beauty conversation. Natural is natural and whatever the creator saw fit to grow out of your scalp is perfect as is. Maintenance, not radical change to its texture- that’s the key! #NaturalHair #TeamNatural #LocLoveLivesHere #BlackHairMatters #NaturalBeauty #BlackBeauty #SelfLove #SelfAcceptance

Someone responded that people can like what they want and asked ‘why should 4a support 4c?’
To me, that’s like asking why black men should support black women or why our elders should support our youth. 
Creating division and playing favorites within a movement that is supposed to be about self love and acceptance is counter productive. Then the natural community becomes guilty of the same exclusion and lifting up of one particular beauty standard as the mainstream beauty community. 
I know everyone who is natural is not some pro Black revolutionary and for some people it’s just an aesthetics thing. But We should all consider the implications of constantly creating categories and dividing ourselves from one another, even in what are supposed to be affirming spaces. 



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