Little Rue teaches us all a grown up lesson about appropriation

Showing lots of love to @amandlastenberg the 16 year old actress (Rue-Hunger Games) who is making waves with a brilliantly executed, historically contextual, articulate and eloquent video she made about the difference between cultural appreciation and appropriation and some very popular artists who, love them or hate them, are guilty of it. So many people in the entertainment industry are terrified to speak truth to power, so for a young woman to not only have this knowledge, but be willing to share it and run the risk of being misunderstood (as we always are when we speak the truth) is simply fantastic. If she’s making videos like this at 16 I can’t wait to see what she’s doing at 20,  30 and beyond. I remember people saying insane things to her online when she was just 12 because they felt like Rue in the Hunger games wasn’t ‘supposed’ to be Black. Even then she handled herself with such class, grace and maturity. Young women like @amandlastenberg @zendaya and other black girls who rock and aren’t afraid to speak on the issues that effect them and the world at large are the reason YPOC exists, to empower all our kids that way. You don’t have to play dumb to be successful and you don’t have to adhere to any rules you haven’t set for yourself to be beautiful. I’m inspired by these youth. Look to them before casting the next generation off as ‘lost.’ Let’s be sure to lift up our kin folk when they speak truth, especially those that have made it into and are surviving mainstream success. These are the people we need in the limelight.



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