So ‘Bae’ means turd huh? Well not in the hood

I get very irritated when I see people go out of their way to trivialize and mock the speech of young/ urban people. I don’t care what bae or FLEEK supposedly mean in another part of the world. People walk and drive on different sides of the street and have completely different mannerisms & traditions. You wouldn’t go to where they are and suggest that their actions and beliefs are weird or stupid so why constantly chastise these kids for using the language they are exposed to and growing up with? I just don’t get it. Each and every one of us speaks some form of slang whether it’s a broken version of our native tongue, a mixture of that with English or words and phrases that may be grammatically incorrect but are widely understood such as pronouncing and even writing ‘out of’ as ‘outta’ or ‘going to’ as ‘gonna.’ No one is trying to make you feel stupid for that. Lay off these young brown people man. You so worried about how they speak take your ass down to your local boys & girls club and become an English tutor. Otherwise have your ass a seat while I talk to my students about their baes and how their Easter outfits were on FLEEK while discerning the appropriate situations to use that language and formal language. It’s all about the situation. These babies are not obligated to speak the King’s English when they are hanging out with their friends or talking smack online. I implore everyone passing judgement to remember Their youth. You did not walk around speaking job interview dialect 24/7. I’m just saying. Language is like music. Some you’ll like, some you won’t. Some you will understand, some you won’t but it works for someone and it’s not for you to say they shouldn’t like it just because you can’t see the value in it. 


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