Why the Black Lives Matter Movement is Necessary

Black people are still being hung from trees in 2015 in addition to the constant attacks on black lives, livelihoods, ideas, concerns, bodies, minds and communities at the individual, local, state, federal and GLOBAL Levels. Tell me again how post racial we are as I send love and light to the families of #OtisByrd who was missing for weeks and found hanging from a tree by a bed sheet in Mississippi, #WalterScott who was murdered in cold blood in South Carolina by law enforcement (who then cuffed his lifeless body) and #RekiaBoyd whose killer is just now beginning a long overdue trial after She was shot to death by a plainclothes officer who demanded a group of people conversing near a park at night disperse and then opened fire on the crowd when they did not comply, killing Rekia in the process. This is why we must assert that #BlackLivesMatter because no matter how blinded some of you are by respectability politics and color blindness saying #AllLivesMatter it is clear as day to anyone paying attention that all lives DO NOT matter to law enforcement, the media, this country, the government, or the world at large and no amount of money, schooling, celebrity, education or politeness will save you if you come into contact with the wrong individual. #Facts


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