Thoughts on Jamie Foxx & Bruce Jenner

Anyone who has followed the life and career of #JamieFoxx would know he is far from a hateful human being and takes no issue with gender identity or expression, even dressing up as a woman early in his career as one of his most well known characters. However, I had to check my privilege as a heterosexual woman today in response to the backlash about his #iHeartRadio awards comment on #ChrisJenner when he joked that the transitioning Kardashian relative would be performing a male & female duet all by himself. I won’t lie, I thought it was funny. And when I saw the response on the web I thought Damn, is it that serious? But THEN I thought about how salty I was when Sean Penn made his remark at the Oscars about a Hispanic director having a green card. Most racism is not in the form of a joke but when a racially insensitive remark is made on a grand stage, I’m the first to turn up. I don’t want to compare struggles but I do want to acknowledge that I am not a trans person and I cannot know their struggle nor should I think I can tell the trans community how to feel about jokes they feel have been made at their expense. That’s what I want people to do when the Black community is justifiably outraged at the constant onslaught of racism disguised as humor and political incorrectness we have to deal with, so I will show the same consideration to other marginalized groups. It doesn’t matter whether or not I think his joke was transphobic because I am not trans therefore I have no stake in the conversation. Just a very public moment of self reflection.


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