For Black folks who see my self love as ‘divisiveness’

When I promote self love and I’m met with resistance from brown folks I really have to wonder who your parents are, what books you’ve read, whether or not you watch the news, where you live, who your friends are, and a host of other things that would help me try to understand why me loving me makes you feel the need to declare that everyone should love everyone. The onus of responsibility to recognize the humanity in others does not rest with the oppressed. Sure, we are all capable of prejudice and sometimes we all judge a book by its cover. Self reflection and betterment is a life long process. But global anti-Black racism and the systems in place that attack the lives and livelihoods of marginalized groups cannot be dismantled by pretending they do not exist or trivializing their sordid histories and current ramifications. Not acknowledging things like racism, transphobia, Islamophobia, and other rampant forms of intolerance does not render them insignificant, it has the exact opposite effect. 

While you live the best life you can thinking neutrality and color blindness will save you from the ugly and all but ‘obsolete’ idea of racism, legislation is drafted up to steal your voting rights, protect killer cops, censor the Internet (where so much movement building for marginalized groups takes place and opposing narratives to mainstream news are revealed) and the list goes on. Reproductive rights are under attack. Religious freedom is becoming a thing of the past. 

Couple any universal issue with racism and intersectionality becomes such a necessary thing to acknowledge and understand. 

So please miss me with the self hate disguised as humanity, the denial masquerading as color blindness and the lack of commentary and action simply because you choose not to live in the real world.


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