A late St. Patty’s Day Post

I’m saying. Green on St. Patty’s day, red white & blue on ‘Independence Day’ (ha!) Christmas sweaters in December and all kinds of pastels on Easter Sunday but no one knows what Juneteenth is or celebrates Kwanzaa. I get that some things are just an excuse to hang out and have fun, and some are family staples long before we are educated about the historical context and origins of many holidays. But when you know better, you’re supposed to do better, and if we got half as excited about our own culture, people/ communities as we do about others, imagine how much better off we would be. I know a lot of us have mixed families and that’s obviously important to acknowledge because we all identify differently. But it pains me to see my people so quick to embrace and seek acceptance from other communities thinking it makes them more desirable or cooler, especially when they are immediately identifiable as people of color. That sprinkle of Irish in you will not stop your brown skinned behind from experiencing life as a Black person no matter how many ‘kiss me I’m Irish’ shirts you rock. Know that.


2 thoughts on “A late St. Patty’s Day Post

  1. You are an incredibly bitter human being. Your entire life is centered around your race. So everything, even St. Patrick’s day festivities gives you a reason to bitch and moan about dumb race related stuff. Grow up.

    • I’m not bitter. You just don’t understand my life, my struggle or why it’s imperative that I love myself enough to focus on things others brush under the rug or trivialize. I’m ok with that.

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