Zendaya slays, first on the red carpet, then intellectually 

Lots of love to Zendaya for not only rocking a natural style proudly on #OscarNight but also rebutting the ignorant comments made by E correspondents Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne in an eloquent, multidimensional and spot on manner. These so called correspondents chose to suggest the locs Zendaya rocked on Oscar night made her seem like she smelled of ‘pachouli oil’ and ‘weed.’ How did she respond? By challenging the absurd stereotype that led them to make such an ignorant statement and naming at least 10 amazing, influential people of color with locs including 9 time Grammy nominee Ledisi and the first black woman to be nominated for  The Screen actors guild award in the directors category Ava DuVernay. It’s difficult for grown women to hold their own under the watchful and misguided eye of  Hollywood’s Eurocentric beauty ideals so for a star so young and successful to hold her own in this situation is truly inspiring. Her complete fearlessness in the face of racism, and her willingness to call it what it was should not be soon forgotten. Keep shining baby girl. 


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