#100LettersToMakeTheWorldBetter details & tips

Peace beautiful people.

Thank you for your interest in Young People of Color Incorporated and the 100 Letters to Make the World Better community action project.

It is our hope that we can compile 100 letters by March 1st which will be sent to various elected officials, police/ community liaisons newspapers and publications in order to keep the international conversation about police brutality and racism alive in the global consciousness and to have the ideas of those directly effected by racist policing given a stage to share their views for a more equitable future with the world, and most importantly, those with the power to make change. They may have the titles, but we the people know how best to save our own communities, and we must take control of our own destinies.

I Just wanted to give you a clearer picture of what your letters should entail to best achieve the desired effect- transformative change!

Focus questions to consider for letter submissions:

For letters addressed to elected officials:

What kind of legislation can we draft that addresses racial disparities in the stopping, detention, arrest, prosecution and/ or unlawful execution of people of color, which results in the death of a Black man, woman or child every 28 hours?

For letters addressed to police-community liaisons:

How can we create opportunities for police and the communities they are supposed to serve and protect to build trust without ignoring the realities of race in how each group perceives the other?

For letters addressed to publications & newspapers:

Why is it important to keep the conversation on the militarization of police forces and armed citizens, particularly against people of color, in the public consciousness?

Feel free to submit multiple letters, include personal anecdotes and reference current events, historically relevant information and other grassroots initiatives that are trying to make a change in their microcosm.

Send submissions to youngpeopleofcolorinc@gmail.com

To be part of the March 1st Social media storm that will accompany the letter writing project send a photo of yourself with a #100LettersToMakeTheWorldBetter sign with your letter.

Spread the word!

Wishing you all a 2015 full of love, light & the changes you wish to see in the world.

Tajh Sutton
Young People of Color Incorporated




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