An open invitation to participate in black history in the making #100LettersToMakeTheWorldBetter

I think your voice would be a great addition to the current global dialogue taking place about police brutality and racism, as well as the work being done within communities of color to curb the violence we inflict on one another. I may not know you personally, but I believe in people, and am willing to build with anyone who can discern right from wrong regardless of their background.

My name is Tajh Sutton and I am the founder of Young People of Color Incorporated, a New York based non profit that aims to foster critical thinking, empowerment and creativity among youth POC. Using the performance arts, Pop culture, hands on experiences and social media, YPOC strives to provide our youth with the tools they need to build the future they deserve. I also run an online community called LocLoveLivesHere which provides melinated loc wearers and lovers a place to be encouraged and inspired in their authenticity and pro Black politic.

However, in spite of these efforts, and the efforts of humanity minded individuals like us, there is an abundance of work to be done before the American Dream is a reality for every man, woman and child regardless of race or hair texture or style.

It is for this reason I am compiling #100LettersToMakeTheWorldBetter , a collection of anecdotes and multi dimensional ideas that will act as a blue print for moving away from militarized and racist policing and community violence and toward effective protection of all citizens and historically accurate understandings of the inherent flaws in our judicial system and the purposeful creation of the cyclic poverty and disenfranchisement that keeps so many people of color in dangerous, resource deprived neighborhoods and situations.

It may sound heavy but the only way to move forward without repeating the past is to acknowledge it. Many battles have been won in the fight for racial equality but the war is far from over. It is our hope that by having people from all walks of life come together and voice their concerns and provide tangible, meaningful solutions relating to police/ community interaction, judicial policies, and their hopes for a more equitable, accessible future for all, we can keep the national conversation about police brutality going and act as agents of change by using our collective voice to make a statement:

Our anger is legitimate. But it is not the sentiment to focus on. Our passion has brought us together. We are organized, intelligent and multi talented. And if given the opportunity and the resources we can and will create plans, policies and procedures that not only foster accountability, but also improve police/ community relations and restore the people powered nature of our democratic society.

I hope you’ll participate by contributing a letter to the #100LettersToMaketheWorldBetter project.

They will be distributed to a wide array of publications, newspapers, police unions, blogs and elected officials during the first week of March so email submissions to by March 1st.

We will also be participating in a social media storm on March 1st to celebrate reaching our goal of 100 letters (which I hope you’ll help us meet!) by posting one letter excerpt per hour with a photo of the author holding a #100LettersToMakeTheWorldBetter sign.

To participate in the social media storm simply include a photo of yourself holding your sign in your letter email as an attachment.

Looking forward to building with and being inspired by you.

Peace, love & truth.

Tajh Sutton
Young People of Color Incorporated


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