A Quick Note on Whitewashing via Photoshop

That InStyle cover is bogus, yes, but Kerry Washington can’t help how they choose to photoshop her images.

Referring to the image as Unrecognizable is a bit dramatic. At the end of the day Institutions like magazines, that are not controlled by us, will always pull this foolishness.

I’m still proud she’s on the cover. She deserves to be. What would be dope is if all the celebs whose photos this was done to came out against it. That would be something.

As someone with a fiancĂ© who is a photographer/ Retoucher I can tell you that skin lightening is a choice when editing an image, not just a part of the process, so let’s let these publications know it’s not right to change our appearance in order to put us on the cover.

If you respect the artist you are featuring they shouldn’t have to be physically altered to produce some new final product before publication. Our celebs need to speak up when they see themselves 3 shades lighter. It’s not ok.


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